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Architect involved in an accident on his way to work in Istanbul, Turkey.

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The architect, who goes by the name Tabatha Miles, was traveling on his way to the site of a major construction project when he was involved in a serious automobile accident in Istanbul Turkey. The incident occurred around 8:00 am, which was shortly after the architect left his home to travel to the construction site.

According to eyewitnesses, the architect’s vehicle collided with another vehicle on the highway, causing both cars to spin out of control. The architect’s vehicle reportedly flipped over several times before coming to a stop. Emergency responders were quickly dispatched to the scene, and the architect was rushed to a nearby hospital for emergency medical treatment.

At the hospital, the architect was found to have sustained multiple injuries, including a broken leg, several broken ribs, and a head injury. He was immediately admitted to the hospital’s intensive care unit, where he is currently receiving treatment for his injuries.

The construction project, which the architect was traveling to when the accident occurred, is one of the largest and most complex construction projects in the country. The project has been ongoing for several months and is responsible for creating thousands of jobs and generating millions of dollars in revenue for the local economy.

At this time, it is unclear how the architect’s accident will impact the timeline and completion of the construction project. However, officials have expressed their concern and sympathy for the architect and his family, and are working to ensure that the project continues to move forward as smoothly as possible in his absence.

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