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Young Saudis honored over AlUla hospitality

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  • Hassan Awad and Yazan Abdulrahman Al-Atwi invited European tourists into their homes in Raheeb village for coffee and dinner
  • Welcoming guests a ‘sacred duty’ in the Kingdom, Awad tells Arab News

MAKKAH: Two Saudis who showcased the Kingdom’s famous hospitality culture to tourists in AlUla have been honored by Minister of Tourism Ahmed Al-Khateeb.
Hassan Awad and Yazan Abdulrahman Al-Atwi invited European tourists into their homes in Raheeb village for coffee and dinner, and conducted tours of local mountains and desert areas.
For their efforts, Al-Khateeb honored the duo for showcasing the generous aspects of Saudi culture.
Awad and Al-Atwi said that the warm welcoming of guests is a expected in Saudi Arabia, which has always sought to provide visitors with the best local products and services.

Awad told Arab News: “The honor I have received from the minister is a tribute for all Saudis, who have always been well known for their genuineness, authenticity and generous hospitality, which have been main components of the Saudis who were raised on the necessity of hospitality and the warm welcoming of tourists.”
He added that welcoming guests is a “sacred duty” for Saudis that should be taught to children and future generations.
“I saw a group of European tourists, namely Swedish, in a commercial store in Tabuk,” he said.
“I greeted them immediately and invited them to my home to meet my father and tour my private farm.
“I also offered to provide them with whatever they needed to take a good rest after their travels. They did not hesitate and accepted the invitation to my house, where they were warmly welcomed.”
“We then went on a tour on our private farm, where they were introduced to the pure and original olive oil, in addition to other products from our farm.
“We went on a journey to a high-ground tourist area in Tabuk, where they took photos and documented the most beautiful memories that reflect the tourism, comfort, reassurance and safety potential our Kingdom provides them with.”
Al-Atwi, who took part in an honoring ceremony with Bahraini content creator Omar Farouq, told Arab News that hospitality “is an innate matter that we were brought up on and grew up with.”
He added that welcoming guests is an “inherited approach” in the Kingdom and that all Saudis are “brought up on honorable morals” and taught to make guests feel at home.
“I was raised to love visitors from a young age, as well as to take care of them, provide them with the utmost attention and make them feel comfortable,” he said.
“We also have a room designed to welcome all visitors from different parts of the world.
“Saudis were brought up on morals and generosity. It is not something they do to please anyone or to obtain fame.
“It is a habit for Saudis who have been known for their generosity, morals and hospitality, as well as providing guests with anything they might need, and overcoming difficulties to provide them with all facilities and means to have an amazing time in the Kingdom.

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